Recognising and engaging good employees and candidates

Understanding and recognizing the traits of a good employee in the workplace and when interviewing candidates will be an enormous help to building successful and engaging businesses. Every business will have its own individual needs yet there are some characteristics that most employers value.

If you can spot them in candidates it will immensely assist in the recruitment of quality employees.

Some of the characteristics will be obvious such as organized, others not so much. What is termed soft skills are a major contributor to the characteristics most dynamic and progressive company’s value.

Enthusiasm and interest in the work on offer is often enough to drive good employees and attract good candidates.

Strong work ethics are a major requirement for all companies

A willingness to work hard to achieve the targets companies need to hit is probably the most easily recognized trait of all. The competition in industry does not slow down, in either busy or quiet times. The need to have a team pulling together to get the company across the line first is paramount. Employees who set their own goals with a stretch either of their own making or their employer’s have a willingness to do more than simply clock in and clock out each day.


A dependable candidate/employee will make all the difference between an employee who will follow through ‘when they can’ and one who ‘just does’. How to know if you have a dependable candidate can be achieved by setting ‘tasks’ for candidates to complete and evaluating those tasks at the end of the process.

Positive attitude

A positive attitude is a real game changer. If you have employees and or candidates who automatically look to the negative of a situation it can be very demoralizing for the team. Looking at the negative can have real benefits when it is used as a tool by the team, to find how to put that to the company’s advantage. Those employees who are striving to have an upbeat attitude will be the ones that will be most successful in your company. When interviewing candidates ask them about problems they encountered and then ask how they handled that problem.


When it comes to good employees they will be the ones who can take initiative and get work done with little to no encouragement. They will have the confidence in their skills, abilities and experience to get the work done and will come to you when they are looking for guidance on a choice of decisions.

Team player

Many a company puts it success down to the ‘team work’ displayed by their employees. Lone rangers can be excellent employees, however if they do not have the capability to buckle down when the team needs to pull together then often they are more of a hindrance than an help.

Communication skills

Employees who are able to articulate their needs, skills, abilities, etc are of paramount importance to employers. Something that many employees don’t realise is that the Employers ‘crystal ball’ was probably smashed on the way to the office. If they are not given the full gambit of information they will struggle to make the right and educated decisions for the team. An ill given message can cause things to go really badly wrong.


Good employees will be open to reviewing and discussing change. Indeed they will thrive on the openness of the company to look at new and innovative ways to do things and will contribute ideas.

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